Racing Through Time: Grand Prix Legends [DVD] [UK Import]

Racing Through Time: Grand Prix Legends [DVD] [UK Import]

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Racing Through Time: Grand Prix Legends [DVD] [UK Import]
STIRLING MOSS: Sir Stirling Moss is known throughout the world as the greatest racing driver never to win the Formula One World Championship. However what this notion obscures is his mastery of all types of racing, including rallying, indeed Sir Stirling Moss OBE is arguably the greatest all-round racing driver of all time and was the first true racing professional. Racing Through Time Stirling Moss looks at all of the classic moments of his illustrious racing career. Moss talks about the cars, his team-mates and rivals and the great races in which he took part. Documenting his entire racing career from his earliest racing days and break through into Formula One to his career ending accident in 1962, this programme is a great tribute to a motor-racing legend and a must have for all fans of British motor racing. GRAHAM HILL: The path to Formula One has never been simple or straight forward and Graham Hill was more aware of this perhaps than any other Forumla One World Champion, as he succeeded against all the odds to reach the pinnacle of any extremely competitive sport. Only one driver has won the Formula One World Championship, the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans 24 hour Race, and that driver was Graham Hill. In this episode of Racing Through Time, the late Graham Hills wife, Bette Hill, tells the story of Graham's long career, his dogged determination, undoubted ability and the personality that made him a British National sporting hero. From Graham's early life and his subsequent racing career, all the way to his untimely death in November 1975, this fascinating programme has all the action from all of the key races of one of Britain's most highly acclaimed champions and is a fitting tribute to a true sporting legend. JUAN MANUEL FANGIO: Juan Manuel Fangio was, by any measure one of the most successful racing drivers of all times winning an astonishing five Forumla One World Championships an an incredible twenty four of the fifty one races that he contested. Perhaps more importantly howevever, it was the standards that Fangio set on and off the track that gained him the worldwide respect of both his rivals and spectators. This charasmatic Argentinean so captured the publics attention during his career that he became the sports biggest and most revered name. From his humble beginnings back in Balcarce, Argentina and his big break into motor-racing all the way to Fangio's final Grand Prix at Reims in 1958. Racing Through Time Juan Manuel Fangio has all the action from all of they keys races of the Formula One's most highly acclaimed champions; and also includes interviews with race legends Emerson Fittpaldi and Sir Stirling Moss who give their own personal accounts of the Maestro himself, making this a must have for all fans of motor-racing.


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EAN 5060294374008
Edition UK Import
Formate PAL, Import
Demand DVD
Sprachen Englisch, Englisch
Hersteller Teilenummer (MPN)
Paketabmessungen (L x B x H) 180 x 138 x 15 mm
Paketgewicht 82g

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