Martina Cole's Lady Killers [DVD] [UK Import]

Martina Cole's Lady Killers [DVD] [UK Import]

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Martina Cole's Lady Killers [DVD] [UK Import]
British crime writer, Martina Cole, examines the life and times of the most notorious female serial killers across history and asks: Why do women kill and why are we surprised when they do? MYRA HINDLEY: The first programme looks at Myra Hindley, who along with Ian Brady was responsible for a spate of child murders in the 1960s, and features interviews with Hindley s lawyer and prison chaplain. Crime writer Martina Cole examines the backgrounds, personalities and behaviour of the notorious female murderer. BEVERLY ALLITT: Profile of nurse Beverley Allitt, dubbed the Angel of Death. She attacked 13 young patients before being arrested and eventually charged for the murders of 4 children in her care and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1993. ROSE WEST: The case of Rose West, who is currently serving a life sentence without parole for 10 separate counts of murder, committed during the 1970s and 80s. Her husband and partner in the sexually motivated crimes committed suicide in prison in 1995. Herself a victim of abuse, Rose directed her appetites toward her own children as well as at least eight other girls. ELIZABETH BATHORY: Born in Hungary in 1560 Countess Bathory was a lesbian who, with her son, two sons-in-law and several female helpers, got young girls to come to her castle on the pretext of finding them work and then tortured and killed them. It is claimed that she killed 600 victims, making her the most prolific female serial killer of all time. MARY ANN COTTON: Mary Ann was a Victorian Black Widow born in the small English village of Low Moorsley in October 1832. She killed for greed and was finally convicted and hanged at Durham County Gaol on 24 March, 1873 for the murders of husbands, step children, her mother and even her own children. AMELIA DYER: Amelia Dyer qualified as a nurse and became a baby-farmer, looking after others babies. After deaths of children in her care she was charged with neglect and served six months in jail and later spent time in a mental asylum but carried on baby-farming. In 1896 she was hanged for the murder of Doris Marmon, a child in her care.


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EAN 5060294372547
Edition UK Import
Formate PAL, Import
Gewicht 109g
Demand DVD
Sprachen Englisch, Englisch
Hersteller Teilenummer (MPN)
Paketabmessungen (L x B x H) 188 x 134 x 26 mm
Paketgewicht 240g

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