Black Ops Special Forces: Assault on Al Qaeda, Operation Thundebolt & Operation Certain Death [DVD] [UK Import]

Black Ops Special Forces: Assault on Al Qaeda, Operation Thundebolt & Operation Certain Death [DVD] [UK Import]

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Black Ops Special Forces: Assault on Al Qaeda, Operation Thundebolt & Operation Certain Death [DVD] [UK Import]
Black Ops reveals how elite special operations units in different countries carry out their high-risk assignments and shares the inside story of some of the most dramatic military actions in recent history through expert testimony and dramatic reconstructions. ASSAULT ON AL-QAEDA - Al-Zarqawi- the most wanted man in Iraq, is proving a formidable enemy. Responsible for bombings, beheadings and attacks, he's more persistent than Saddam and more active than Osama. The coalition's only hope lies with a top secret task force. OPERATION THUNDERBOLT: This is the real story of the legendary Raid on Entebbe. On 27th June 1976 terrorists hijacked Air France Flight 139 en route from Tel Aviv to Paris. On board are 246 passengers, most of them Jews. They are taken to Entebbe, Uganda and are held hostage in the airport terminal. Even though Uganda is thousands of miles away, across hostile territory, Israel s defence minister, Shimon Peres decides to launch a rescue mission. It is a job for Sayeret Matkal, the most elite unit in the Israeli Defence Force. Featuring interviews with surviving hostages, members of Sayeret Matkal and Peres himself this is the inside story of the most remarkable special forces mission of them all. OPERATION CERTAIN DEATH: August 25th, 2000. The Royal Irish Regiment, a unit of the British Army, is stationed deep in the jungles of Sierra Leone, west Africa. On patrol, they are driving through a volatile area; known for attacks, ambushes and kidnappings. Whilst driving, the unit takes a wrong turn and are confronted by a notorious rebel gang; the West Side Boys . The West Side Boys reputation is infamous. Known for their wild and unpredictable behaviour, they are perpetually drunk or drugged. The West Side Boys take the British soldiers hostage. Shortly afterwards, it becomes clear that the unit hasn t reported back. In London, the reality of the situation begins to sink in. On September the 10th, over fifteen days after the hostages initial capture, British Special Forces embark on a dangerous rescue mission. They have just one chance to free the hostages and bring them home safe.


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EAN 5060294374046
Edition UK Import
Formate Box-Set, PAL, Import
Sprachen Englisch, Englisch
Paketabmessungen (L x B x H) 186 x 138 x 46 mm
Paketgewicht 259g